Joey Butler – our exchange student from Australia

Australian lippuIn 2020, Karjaan lukio upper secondary school has had an exchange student from Australia, Joseph ”Joey” Butler:

”I come from Newcastle, Australia, which is the 7th biggest city in Newcastle. It is a coastal city with a population of around 25000 people. The city is well known for its beaches and port. It sits next to the hunter river and in the hunter valley, which is the only valley through the great dividing range. I have come to Finland on exchange with the Rotary Youth Exchange and am being hosted by the Rotary Club of Karjaa. I have lived with four different host families, and I switch every three months. My first host family was in Bollsta, where I lived with the family Borg. Then I moved to Karjaa and lived with other families, now with the family Knaapinen.

I chose Finland because I wanted to go somewhere cold and far away and Finland has all the sports I wanted to play. Finland also seemed like an interesting place to go because of how different it is from Australia. I knew a bit about Finland before coming as my friend had gone on exchange to Finland before. I think Finland was a great choice for a place to go as an exchange student. A big difference when I came here was the Finnish school system as it is very different from Australia because, in Finland, it’s a lot more casual with no school uniforms and less strict rules. I have played floorball and ice hockey in Finland and have made friends with many Finnish people. I have also been going to the sauna and trying to experience the Finnish culture.

My advice for anyone thinking about going on exchange is to do it because it is a great experience, and you will enjoy it!”