Aihearkisto: Kansainvälisyys

Mauricio Gutierrez – vaihto-opiskelija Perusta

Hello, my name is Mauricio Gutierrez, I´m from Peru, I´m an exchange student from Rotary Club and I will be here in Karjaan Lukio for eleven months. I choose Finland because many years ago something about this country called my attention. First of all, best education in the world, and I’m starting to understand why it is. Then, it comes more like weather things, like snow, forest and lakes. Where i live, in the southern part of Peru, we don’t have any of these things. I love to walk in the forest, swim in the lakes, and be in the sauna. The weather in Finland it’s just too cold for me, we are not even in autumn and i’m freezing, i can’t imagine the temperature in winter. I’m living now in Karjaa with my host family. My hobbies now in summer and autumn time is just do exercise, gym and taekwondo till winter. Sometimes i go with my family and pick up some mushrooms, apples and anything that you can find in the forest. I hope to learn finnish language as soon as possible so that i can communicate easily with finnish people.